Indonesian Student Society of UCTI

Oct 27, 2009


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APIIT-UCTI Indonesian Student Society (AUISS) is an Indonesian student association in UCTI that was established in 2005 to unite all Indonesian students studying in UCTI.

A long the years, AUISS has grown with over 500 members continuing to increase and develop our society to become better both in quantity and quality.

As part as the organization objective to provide fellowship among Indonesian students in UCTI, other Indonesian student associations in other universities, as well as create a forum to express Indonesian students needs, wants and creative-innovative ideas that will both benefit the students and the campus in whole.

Every Indonesian students in UCTI is automatically a member of AUISS and may hold office or be an committee for a period of one year. The Committee has outlined programs that will contribute in achieving the organization objectives as below.
  • Indonesian Nite Gathering - a pool side dinner filled with varities of Indonesian traditional foods and accustic performance of our fellow students. A great program to get to know each other and develop friendship among Indonesian Students.
  • Social Donations Gathering - we organize booth for donation collection for people who suffers from natural disasters or any sort of calamity happening around us. Hence this will show our heedful spirit for our community.
  • New Students and Members Welcoming - a warm welcome of new intakes to our university by the prior members making everyone confortable to be part of our developing society.
  • Indonesian Independence Day Celebration - Each year on 17th of August, we organize celebration of our national independence day. With many activities ranging from flag ceremonial, art and cultural performances, traditional games and foods will share among ourselves a pride of nationalism to our beloved homeland - Indonesia.
  • Leadership Camps -
  • Sport and Art Carnival
  • BATAVIA (Indonesian Art Performance)
  • PPI Congress
  • New Presidential Election
We Welcome you all to AUISS and hope we all benefit from our prestigious ongrowing society. Lets grow with AUISS!